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I grew up in Colombia waking up every morning with the powerful smell of fresh coffee and delicious arepas (corn cake) that my grandmother made. After breakfast, I excitedly ran outside just to play with my siblings, "the spirits of the tree family". I remember clearly running into the backyard, climbing to the tops of the trees, and feeling a unique freedom. When I spoke with the spirit guides of the trees, they all appeared as different colored lights accompanied by a beautiful smell of roses. I was an extremely hyper child and I could not stay put for very long. My mother frustratingly could not find a cure to calm me down.

I noticed that within a few years those multi-colored lights became my real family. Every night before going to bed I would close my eyes and feel their presence. I would tell them to be there for me in the morning so we could play in the trees. I remember telling my uncle Ricardo that I was capable of seeing those lights. He told me that love is the key to everything, no matter what happens to me in life, and that I had to transform everything into love. My uncle also taught me an indigenous shamanic prayer that helps me in the most difficult situations and that I should always honor that prayer in the future. I was fascinated by him..... he walked barefoot every day just to touch and honor Mother Earth.

The years went by and each day I felt more of the presence of different beings of light.  I felt totally different as if I did not belong here on this planet.  I wanted to be with them..... my real family. 

Since I was little, I could see people’s aura, feel what they were feeling and see their past lives.

From that moment I dedicated myself to contact the beings of light…my Team of Spiritual Guides and Angels... every night, before falling asleep, so they could teach me my purpose.  They taught me how to meditate, connect with my past lives, astral traveling, how to work with my third eye and how to connect with my higher self for guidance. I had the most amazing dreams every night. I was sitting in an open class room were all these beings of light were my teachers. Finally one night they informed me that I was a healer and that I would become a spiritual teacher but I had a few more Earth leesons to learn first.

Fifteen  years had passed and I still had the feeling that I was struggling with negative beliefs and patterns that kept me sick and stuck. I had breast cancer twice, major depression, a few soured relationships and lupus which kept me on a big emotional rollercoaster. Those diseases brought me so much fear and depression that I felt totally disconnected from my Spiritual Team  until one day I cried out to God and I surrendered to him. I asked him to be my Divine coach and he granted me a miracle!  In a dream He showed me that my missing  piece was self love and trust. By loving and trusting myself, I will align my inner compass which will point me to the best direction of  my inner happiness, my freedom and my perfect health.

As time progressed, working on positive beliefs, with adult Indigo energy instead of against it, my health improved, my Indigo wounds healed and I took the path of the present moment living in gratitude and joy with my true loves: God, Myself, my children and the love of my life Jim ( Thunderhorse )