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In our human experience, we need to know that any discourse in the body, mind, soul or spirit manifests disease which can appear in any, some or all of those aspects.

We need to learn how to communicate intimately with all of these facets of ourselves. Through meditation, we can ask our higher self, our team of spirit guides and angels, where the discourse exists and how to remedy it through our own direct action.

   Celestial coaching will take place once we learn how to open our heart, to trust, believe, ask, relax, accept, be in the present moment, be centered, be aware, detach from negative thoughts, be peaceful, be vocal about our feelings, discover our own meaning in life, be thankful and forgiving, be empowered, live consciously and take good care of our physical vessel. We are eternal spirits living in a human experience, with so many inner tools……know that the possibilities are endless.

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