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The most important healing aspect of the Celestial coaching is to welcome Almighty God to your life, to your house, to your own kitchen, to be guided by him, before any activity of cooking.

If you feel the need to heal yourself or a family member that is ill with a bad cold; just surrender to Almighty God to guide you, to reenforce your connection with your inner guidance in order to cook the most delicious and unique soup.

You can heal yourself and others with your food fill of love, gratitude, joy, trust, compassion, healing, tranquility, etc. Also, by been thankul to all farmers that provide to us all herbs, fruits and vegetablese, be grateful to very vegetable that you are using right now,  to the potato while you are peeling it, to the water while you are filling the cooking pot, the stove, thank all your utensils, etc.

What is your inner guidance telling you now that you have all the ingredients in the pot?  sing, whistle, dance, pray, positive and happy thoughts, talk to the stove....yes indeed! all mentioned, But is also telling you that when the soup is done congratulate yourself!

Isn’t beautiful?