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Celestial Healing, Soul Counseling, Breast Cancer Wellness Coach, Future Self Resolution, Past Life Regression, Adult indigo counseling, Womb blessings, House Clearings and more services;


Celestial Healing:

I will be into a channel state, in order to have the Celestial beings to scan your four bodies first, so they can preform a direct healing, also they will cut any unhealthy and negative block or cord that it is attached to you for any negative belief system or past life. 


Soul Counseling: 

It is a channeling from higher beings that will assist me in how to connect or access your sacred library or your soul’s history, present life and possible future events. It helps you on releasing soul contracts, vows, karmic ties from past life in order to liberate you in the present life.


Breast Cancer Wellness Coach: 

This coaching information is not medical advice and is not intended to replace your physician’s counseling. But with this coaching you will learn how to be you own advocate, eating conscious, meditating every day, working on positive affirmations, motivating yourself every day, using the power of the subconscious mind. 

‘This website doesn’t not provide medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.”

Future Self Resolution:

Through this technique you will learn how to connect and work with your future self, to assist you in critical moments of your life.


Past Life Regression:

Through a deeply meditation and Divine source skills, including the ability to see and feel an individual’s root case, it will help the client to find a solution for any present problem.


Adult indigo counseling:

The Celestial team can guide you to be fearless of your sensitive and empathic powers and harness them for a better life purpose.

Womb blessings:

This is a female attuning where the energy of the Divine feminine is channeled to the client with the purpose of clearing old patterns and energies that are inhibitive to your femininity.


House Clearings:

I work with beings of higher realms and the spirits of nature to purify and clear negativity of stubborn energies in houses or businesses. The purpose of these clearings is to bring peace, happiness, harmony with nature and prosperity.

Additional services: Meeting your spiritual team, red tent activation, soul fragmentation healing, meditation, Reiki and prana healing, soul painting, ancestral wisdom, gratitude ceremonies, psychic development, etc.