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Sometimes in our lives we feel a disconnection with our inner compass and thus feel disoriented,

not knowing our purpose and finding it difficult to make decisions for our own good. Then a tiny voice within keeps telling us “Don’t give up yet! This is the perfect time to explore the spiritual treasures that lie within you and you can redesign or restructure your life”.

But most often, we don’t listen to that voice because our ego wants to domesticate us and it’s always talking to us with a higher speaker and ruling our mind with fear:

“ Hey you, don’t listen to that, it is not true, I run the show  here…blah, blah, blah , etc.”

When hiring a Celestial Coach, you must be prepared to do the following: You must ask, trust and believe that it’s the most loving and powerful experience that will change your life completely which consists of healing your four bodies, being free from any mental distractions, releasing negative believes and blockages and brings abundance of love, joy, happiness, perfect health, freedom, prosperity, etc. into your life. By merely hiring or working with lovely beings of higher realms, that are always ready to help us access our inner compass, we can turn towards the best direction of happiness.

Just remember that your inner compass is your Soul Library, your history per se, which can help you to obtain your own power and understanding on a higher level of awareness.

These Pure Beings are very friendly, but they can’t help us if we don’t ask them for help. When you do ask, make sure you always thank them afterwards.

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